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  As we begin to rebuild the Reform Party, we need the resources and commitment from all interested Americans.

What unites all members of the Reform Party is our drive for clean, responsible government, a balanced budget and an end to the runaway spending that has pushed our national debt to over $12 trillion. If you are interested in learning more, please click here.

  Our National and State officers periodically publish editorials or letters discussing the Reform Party's stance on current events.

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Greensboro, North Carolina – The Reform Party of Guilford County will host weekly meetings beginning Monday, May 5th at 6pm. These meetings will be hosted at the Golden Corral on Lawndale Avenue. Participants must purchase a meal to participate.
Organizers have spent two years attempting to reorganize the state. Their efforts were hindered by a few near misses and false starts. In recent weeks the party was able to overcome past problems, and is forming the first executive board for a Reform Party affiliate in North Carolina since 2000. The organization …

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Reform Party Statement on McCutcheon v. FEC(0)

April 2nd, 2014 is a sad day for the American people. Several hours ago the US Supreme Court overturned rules on political contribution limits, and opened the door for special interest to buy the political system. It stands as the worst supreme court decision on speech since Citizens United.
According to the court majority, the basis of the decision rests on the precedent created by the Citizens United ruling. That ruling sets the precedent that money is speech. Money is not speech. First Amendment protections refer to words, both written and …

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