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  As we begin to rebuild the Reform Party, we need the resources and commitment from all interested Americans.

What unites all members of the Reform Party is our drive for clean, responsible government, a balanced budget and an end to the runaway spending that has pushed our national debt to over $12 trillion. If you are interested in learning more, please click here.

  Our National and State officers periodically publish editorials or letters discussing the Reform Party's stance on current events.

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The North Carolina state government has failed in its handling of the Duke Energy coal ash spill. This failure was caused by cronyism and Duke Energy’s ties to the McCrory administration. Due to his relationship with Duke Energy, McCrory’s judgment was impaired, and his ability to lead jeopardized.
Governor Pat McCrory worked directly for Duke Energy for 28 years. Duke Energy and its proxies donated a total of 1.1 million dollars to Governor McCrory’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns. Governor Pat McCrory held a substantial amount of Duke Energy stock, which he …

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Reform Party of North Carolina Opens Headquarters(0)

Franklin County, NC – The Reform Party of Franklin County has announced that they have opened a headquarters approximately ten miles outside of Raleigh, NC. This headquarters will also serve as the interim headquarters of the Reform Party of North Carolina.
“Franklin County is an important county,” said Reform Party Chairman Nicholas Hensley. “The demographics of Franklin County make it an important swing county in elections, and since it’s close to Raleigh, the population of the county has the potential to grow”.
This headquarters is centered out of a workshop owned by …

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